To say the least, there are a lot of places you can go on a horseback ride on Maui. And narrowing down the perfect place might seem like a challenge. With Thompson Ranch, it won't be.  However all participants in any activity on the ranch must meet a certain level of physical fitness.  We have a strict 200 pound weight limit for all horseback riders and allow children ages 8 and up.

    • Morning Rides- $150 per person**
    • Picnic Rides- $200 per person (48 hour notice required)**
    • Sunset Rides- $175 per person (Restricted during the winter months)**
    • Private Rides- contact us for pricing and availability**
    • Wrangler ride along- $200 over our weight limit? or horses just not your thing? join Jerry Thompson as he tackles his daily tasks on the ranch, you never know what might come up.


Specializing in the personalized experience.  Come join our family for a day on the ranch.

**For safety of both horse and rider, we reserve the right to refuse service to any rider we determine to be in poor physical condition, who weighs over 200lbs or exceeds a BMI of 27.  Maximum rider weight is 200lbs, however even those who weigh less than 200lbs may not be able to ride if they do not fit into appropriate BMI.  

A horse is only ever meant to carry 20% of its body weight.  Therefore a 1000lb horse should never be asked to carry more than 200lbs.  

A rider that is not fit or balanced will likely misuse reins and/or saddle for balance compromising safety.